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  1. Thomas Woeste

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    I know there are some new players on the Optic Craft minecraft server (IP: opticcraft.tv) that do not know how to use the commands there but this tread will teach you.

    /f create (name of faction) - This command creates a faction with the (name) you choose
    /f desc (description of faction) - This makes a description for your faction
    /f claim - This claims the area that you are standing on. Use this to protect you chest and other stuff like that. (claims a 16 by 16 square)
    /f sethome - This sets the area you are standing on the home plot for your faction. (this plot must be claimed)
    /f home - Teleports you to your home plot you set in your faction (takes 10 seconds before it activates)
    /f leave - Leaves the faction you are in
    ------------These were the basic commands to set up the faction-------------
    /f faction - Shows information about your faction.
    /f player - Shows your player information
    /f map - Shows a map of pots you claimed
    /f name - Allows you to change the name of the faction
    /f invite (players Gamertag) - Invites the player to your faction
    /f unclaim - Unclaims the the plot you are standing on

    Hope this helps all the new players out there!!
    If there is anything you want me to do a tutorial on post a comment below.
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  2. MCTDM

    MCTDM Active Member

    Some others:
    /f claim # (# = a number of blocks in a square (eg 2= 3by3 chunk claim that your standing in)
    /f unclaim all (unclaim all land you have claimed / your faction has claimed
    /f enemy <name of faction or player> (Enemies the faction against you so you can attack them in your land / they can attack you in your land [still get -30% damage])
    /f truce <faction name> (truces with a faction, they can not attack you, but can set homes in your land
    /f ally <faction name> (allies with a faction, they can destroy / place blocks in your faction - not advised unless it's like a sister faction)
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  3. Thomas Woeste

    Thomas Woeste Member

    These commands were just basic ones to get new players going
  4. corpse1998

    corpse1998 New Member

    You can just say /f help 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

    All those pages give commands for factions and all you listed.
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  5. Prodigy

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    I wrote this for another server some time ago:

    Before we start do /f h [page #] and read through the list of commands you can do.
    Power and Claiming Land
    To claim land, type: /f claim. This will claim a 16x16 cube extending from bedrock to the building height limit.
    If you do /f pow [player-name], you can see how much power you have. You can only claim chunks if you have enough power. If you do /f f [faction-name], you can see information on a certain faction. Look at the row where it says Land / Power / Maxpower: 0/5/10. This means that the faction has claimed 0 chunks of land, the faction has 5 power at the moment, and has a maximum of 10 power. When claiming chunks you cannot claim more land the the amount of power you have. For me, I can only do /f claim 5 times.

    You can lose power if you die. Let's say a faction has 18 chunks of land and 19 power out of 20. (This will show up as 18/19/20). If one member dies once, the power level will go down and the chunks of land will stay the same. If the amount of chunks goes BELOW the faction power, they are vulnerable to be over-claimed by another, stronger faction.

    If you do die and you are at risk of being overclaimed, I suggest staying on for a long time to let your power regenerate or doing /f unclaim or even /f unclaim all. NOTE: If you unclaim land that is holding a chest, anyone will be able to access it, since it will be marked as "Wilderness."

    Basic Commands
    If you haven't already, create a faction. To do this: /f create [name-of-faction].
    Afterwards, add a description: /f desc [type-the-description-here]
    If you want to invite people, do /f inv [player-name].
    You can later on make them a Faction Mod by doing /f mod [player-name].
    Be careful who you mod, because they can invite others to the faction and claim/unclaim land.

    Allies and Enemies
    Now that you have a faction set-up, you probably already have some relationships set. For example you have a friend in another faction or there is an annoying member of another.
    You can do /f ally [faction-name] and /f enemy [faction-name] if you wish to be friends or enemies. Of course the faction has to accept the relationship, and each has its pros and cons.
    Allied factions can go into ally chat by doing /f chat once and members cannot harm each other.
    If you are enemies with a faction you can damage them on their own land, but you still cannot break blocks or access chests.
    If you wish to revert these relationships, do /f neutral [faction-name]. and you will no longer be allies or enemies. The other faction does not need to accept a neutral request.

    It's about time you build a base for you and your fellow faction members. There are many places you shoould build your base, but the first step is getting FAR away from spawn. Raiders often do not travel for long periods of time, and instead stick around spawn. Another step to minimize raids is to build your base out of sight. This includes building it very deep next to bedrock, in the ocean, or very high in the sky. Also, it can be beneficial to build a base in the nether because not many people go there, but enemies can blow up your base by using Ghasts (at least the last time I checked).
    I would suggest you /f claim first, then build your base within those boundaries. If any part of your base reaches outside of your claimed land, anyone is able to break it.
    After you have made your base, you can do /f sethome so at anytime you can do /f home and go home, unless your base is overclaimed by another faction.

    Extra Tricks

    [*] Attempt to trick your enemies... offer alliances (/f ally) and betray them when the time is right.
    [*] If your enemies have died multiple times already, it is a good time to attack them since their power should be weak.
    [*] Use /f map to find other factions, watch for half broken trees (and other signs, and always be on the lookout for nametags (especially behind you)!
    [*] Only make exits to your base, since you can do /f home. One way iron doors work, and falls into water.
    [*] When overclaiming, start at the border and work towards the chests. Claim in a diamond to minimize important things being overclaimed.
    [*] Put doors around your nether portals so if an enemy comes through they cannot walk freely throughout your base.
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  6. LewisBaillie

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    are you aloud any mods? Sprint mod etc? I normaly use Sprint mod but dont know if your allowed.. thanks :D
  7. Slayer

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  8. Prodigy

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    Lewis I wouldn't use Sprint mod because many times NCP picks it up and it's debatable whether it alters game mechanics.
    In short: don't use it.
  9. better sprint is banned. so unless you want to get banned i suggest you not use it.
  10. DoubleNarr

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    wow thanks much help :)
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  11. They added it to Minecraft now...
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    look at the date that was posted lmfao, think before you type.
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  13. Oh I did not see that. I feel dumb as fuck.
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    You are forgiven, young one. We all make mistakes.
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